Using the power of women’s sport to create a future of, by, and for strong women.

Our core objective is to Give women the opportunity to reap the benefits of having sport in their lives from the top down through increasing viewership and attendance and bottom up via participation

We are doing this by reframing the narrative around women’s sports: demonstrating that it’s up to us - the fans, the athletes at all levels, the current and future leaders - to show our support of women’s sports, ensure future opportunities for girls/women,
and drive growth for the total sports community.

Our values are based on four key principles:

Positive - Collaborative - Inclusive - Active

These values drive everything we do and are at the heart of how we are shaping a new future in sports.


The Collective


Stronger Together


United, We Can Make Big Things Happen!

We work with our League and Brand Partners to create
unique, ownable experiences and campaigns -
all of which are focused on helping to elevate
the conversation around women’s sports!


United to show the world that women and girls
are worth watching and supporting!

Our Collective is comprised of women and men from across the sports world, all dedicated to helping to grow women’s sports. Whether it’s at the elite level or through grassroots efforts, our Leaders have joined together because they believe that girls and women deserve an equal opportunity and equal support within the sports world…and beyond!

SheIS Leadership

SheIS Collective Leaders


United to show the world that women and girls
are worth watching and supporting!

Our Collective could not do the work that we do without the valued advisors and supporters below. We are grateful to have the guidance of so many incredible leaders who believe in using the power of sports to create a better future for girls and women everywhere!

SheIS Supporters