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Heather Hardy

American Boxing Champion

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Heather started boxing in 2010 when she was going through a rough patch in her life. Within three weeks of training, Hardy, a 28 year old rookie, had her first fight in front of an average sized audience in Long Island, and won. In 2013, shortly after women’s boxing was declared as a featured sport in the 2012 London Olympics, an independent film director named Natasha Verma tackled the subject of the gender wage gap in boxing through her film "Hardy". She interviewed Hardy on her experiences and talked about how she was changing the face of a generally male dominated sport.

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I’d never tried something that really forced me to push myself individually the way boxing did. It took me to my absolute limit, and showed me how strong I really was. It felt incredibly empowering, and I immediately fell in love.
— Heather Hardy

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