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We know that many industries touch the sports industry - whether it’s the retail industry selling merchandise to fans, the music industry’s biggest stars performing during halftime shows, or the food and beverage industry producing tasty snacks for stadiums, tailgates, or the family gathering around the TV for the big game. These days it seems like every industry overlaps with sports in some way, shape, or form.

One that often gets overlooked, however, is how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) intersects with sports. These are often the people that sit behind the scenes, but in jobs that quite literally keep the sports industry alive.


Our first cross-industry feature space focuses on these careers, and specifically, on highlighting women in the STEM and sports spaces who have had their careers and personal development paths defined by their participation in both sports and STEM.

Our ultimate goal with this space is to help young girls to feel empowered and passionate about the experiences they encounter in their everyday life, and to encourage them to explore how both STEM and sport can play a role in their life today and in their future.

Our work to explore this space would not be possible without the generous help of Lyda Hill Philanthropies and their IF/THEN initiative. Through our partnership with the Lyda Hill Philanthropies we are able to further explore the intersection of STEM and sports. Lyda Hill believes that “science is the answer” and is committed to investing in organizations that make game-changing advances in nature and science, empowering nonprofit organizations and supporting important advances in local communities. We encourage you to explore the work they are doing with our fellow IF/THEN Coalition members.

IF/THEN, an extension of Lyda Hill Philanthropies’ commitment to fund game-changing advancements in science and nature, seeks to further advance women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by empowering current innovators and inspiring the next generation of pioneers. The initiative aims to create a platform to elevate positive and successful female STEM professionals with a focus on funding their work and sharing their stories, developing and supporting programs for middle school girls to learn about STEM opportunities and engaging media partners to help shift the perception of women in STEM. IF/THEN’s mission is to inspire the next generation of girls to pursue careers in STEM.

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The Work We’re Doing Together


Our first edition of the STEM Meets Sports Series will focus on telling the stories of five women working in the STEM industry. Each woman highlights the intersection between STEM and sport, whether she is an athlete, a business professional, or both. The series is made possible through the IF/THEN initiative and aims to inspire young girls with role models who look like them working in roles and fields that they might one day aspire to work in.


(Can’t wait? Neither could we! Check out a first-look at our first featured women -
Brittany Marchand, LPGA player and chemical engineer - in the video below.)

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Brittany Marchand

LPGA Golfer

Chemical Engineering graduate from NC State

Ambassador for Let’s Talk Science in Canada

Explore more about Brittany, what it takes to study chemical engineering, and how that helps Brittany to be a better professional golf player when the full STEM Meets Sports Series launches this Fall!

Maria Trusa

Partner and CEO of Formé Medical Center

Running her first marathon (ING New York City Marathon) this fall!


R Vetere Main.jpg

Rhonda Vetere

Chief Information Officer / Chief Technology Officer

Triathlete, Golfer

2x author, speaker, and advocate for getting more girls into STEM and sports

Tiffany Kelly

Co-founder and CEO of Curastory

Former Sports Data Analyst at ESPN



Kimberly Sass

Job Captain at HLW Architecture in NYC 

Former NWHL Metropolitan Riveter; 2018 Isobel Cup Champion; Current Board Member and Goaltender of the PWHPA

Learn about other women working in STEM and Sport

In addition to the incredible women featured above, here are some of the incredible SheIS Ambassadors and Supporters who highlight the intersection between STEM and sport.

Lauren Howe

Lauren is a Canadian engineering graduate, actress, entrepreneur, sports personality, model and beauty pageant titleholder who won Miss Teen Canada World 2011 and also Miss Universe Canada 2017. She has a passion to inspire young women to feel empowered to explore and pursue skills in STEM-related fields.

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Kára McCullough

Kára was Miss USA 2017, worked in nuclear energy regulation, and as a basketball coach. She strives to make STEM and sport fun and engaging for kids of all ages through her non-profit Science Exploration for Kids.

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Zoe Stukenberg

Zoe played professional lacrosse for the WPLL Fight and for University of Maryland. She was also a high school biology teacher and this fall will start her first semester of medical school at the University of Michigan.

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